About us

who are we?

PHPRO is a company that has the main objective of helping parents lead their children´s education and development by using the latest multimedia resources. Those resources will be available on the Internet for free.

Our philosophy is the belief that parents are the best teachers for their children. We believe that the education children get during their first six years of life is essential to strengthen their future qualities. Therefore, it is important to invest enough time in stimulating children in a proper way while their period of maximum brain plasticity takes place.

With this programme, we expect you to strengthen your child´s skills in different areas (mobility, language, socialisation, cognitive development, and self-help) by means of personalised monitoring and the aid of the resources at your disposal, presented according to the characteristics of your child.

We are a team made up of doctors, educational psychologists, teachers, IT experts, and other professionals worried about the parents´ necessity of using the educational tools that can be found in the vast ocean that is the Internet to stimulate their children´s development.

We believe in a brain-compatible learning process which allows both parents and children to play and discover together all the resources we offer here: stories, applications for mobile devices and tablets, educative videos...


valores corporativos

How to use phpro?

PHPRO is an easy and intuitive tool that suggests activities and multimedia resources to parents who want to stimulate their children development. In order to do a personalised follow-up it is necessary to get your child´s information by answering a set of simple questions, so we can determine the most adequate activities for better enjoying most of the time you spend with your child.

By answering questions about your children´s abilities to perform different tasks, we will assess the answers (Yes, No, Sometimes) so we can offer personalised activities and resources to stimulate each developmental area in your children.

What´s the purpose? Having the guarantee that your child is developing powerful brain connections that will help your child to get social, intellectual, and motor abilities that will be useful for them all their lives.