Do you have a child between 1 and 6 years old? PHPRO helps you improve their psychomotor development and to initiate your little one in bilingualism.

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Why Early Learning and Early Care?

Better students
Better athletes
Better persons

Initiate your child in reading with the stories of the monkey Primu which are available on this website in different languages!

  • Discover our nine stories starred by the monkey Primu
  • The stories not only teach your child to read but they also awake his/her interest in further reading. Primu´s stories are adapted for different stages of your child´s learning so that she/he can keep up with the story at any time.
  • Bilingual stories so that your child develops a knowledge of a foreign language since early years
  • Our stories are narrated by professional voice dubbers, in Spanish as well as in English, to bring your child closer to reading
  • Colourful images, and our entertaining and educational stories that your child will love.
  • Look...and click! Our stories are interactive and we have animated films that your child will be able to play with just one click

Do you want to get more information about child care? Check out our blog!

  • News: All the news available related to early childhood stimulation and early child care
  • Health education: Created for families to have a bank of useful resources on child care, nutrition, hygiene, accident prevention, emotional well-being, etc.
  • Neuroscience: With several sections for both health and education professionals.
  • Resources: We will post best-quality resources for the entertainment and learning of your child.

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