frequent asked questions

These are the questions most frequently asked by PHPRO users. If you don´t find the solution to your consultation in this section, you can send your enquiry to us by using our formulario de contacto

Yes. You need to register to get access to the assessment and programs sections. You can check the blog "School for Parents" for free, where you will find resources, news, and counseling in matters related to health education for the families. In that same blog there is a special entry for professionals in the fields of health (neurogenetics) and education (learning difficulties and neurodidactics).

The first evaluation is done by yourself while going through the registration process. At that moment, by objectively answering the survey, you will get the maturity developmental age (which can be different to their chronological age). For that maturity age, the application will design a whole itinerary of activities and assessments with multimedia resources (applications, videos, interactive tales...) When you consider that your child has mastered the proposed objectives, you can evaluate again their psychomotor development and that will be when you will check the progress by getting a new age of maturity development.

Yes. You can subscribe from three months to one year, or even for the whole maturity developmental stage of your child. The longer the period, the more advantageous the process.

Yes. PHPRO is a web-mobile application adapted for tablets and smartphones. You can use it from any PC, laptop, notebook, or any other intelligent mobile device.

A multiprofessional team that consists of doctors, biotechnicians, psychologists, psychopedagogists, pedagogists, teachers, BAs in Sports Science, musicians, advertising agents, illustrators, designers, BAs in Philosophy, and Telecommunication Engineers. We have all been designing the program for one year, and we are still behind the project so we can offer our advise if you have any doubt or consultation.

That´s very simple. Because the educative and social potential of your children in the future will depend on that. The most brain connections happen during the first months of the life of your child, and that is directly related to the stimuli and educative opportunities your child gets. We cannot let this early stage go to waste since it is essential.

Yes, because Early Learning is the best educative option for children with biological risk. If there is any kind of intellectual challenge, the only thing we can do is guaranteeing you that your child will develop the most potential during his/her development. That´s why we use PH in our name; that stands for Human Potential.

The maximum respect and the guarantee that we will follow the law for the protection of data quite strictly. Every professional involved in PHPRO must keep the professional secrecy and we are professional enough as to guarantee the privacity of all your data, medical reports, or family information.

In the observation ratings will appear certain alarms that, once we check that the child is not fulfilling the goals intended for each age, we won´t hesitate in telling you to ask your pediatrician for advise, since it is obvious that something is wrong in the development of the child.

Of course you can. You can have more than one child between the age range we suggest to use our application. In that case, you will have special offers for the second or third sibling.

Yes. You can show the results of the monitoring scales of the program to your child´s teacher or pediatrician. It´s entirely yours, so you can use it at your best convenience.

You will find four sections of information in our blog::

News. Every week, we will post about the latest news in the field of early learning and early care. We will pay special attention to what the scientific literature publishes on the topics that matter to our website.

Health education: Families will find a bank of useful resources about childcare, nutrition, hygiene, prevention of accidents, emotional welfare, ...

Neuroscience: It contains several sections both for health and education professionals.

Resources: We will post here about good quality resources for your children´s entertainment and learning process. These resources are generic ones. If you wish to personalise those resources to your children´s age and characteristics, you will need to register.